Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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@KP: very good indeed. What's the name of the bike ;-)

@Footloose: Great to hear from you. Yours must have been a fantastic
journey. Sometimes I get the feeling that I should travel with more
budgetary constraints to make things interesting. Next time, maybe! My
panniers are also custom made. I mostly rode in the highways, so most
roads were okay. We did a tour of north-east last year, me & KP, and
we did encounter some really bad roads. I'm curious to know more about
your journey – let's meet after I reach Bangalore back. Do send your
email address offline to me at .

@Gautham: Yeah, a torturous climb it really was. I shouted YES after I
knew that the hardest part of the climb was over! I'll check the video
after I come back, since I can't watch it from my bandwidth strapped
mobile :-) I'll check the ride story, though. Good to know you had an
excellent tour. And, do try live blogging too! All it needs is GPRS on
your mobile phone and some SMSes.

@Harsha: Thanks! Yes, it's not easy. But more difficult than 100
km/day is 110/day, and it gets all the more difficult after that! Have
you posted the ride story somewhere too (bikeszone?). After seeing all
these himalayan mountains, I am dying to do a trek near them!

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