Monday, December 10, 2007

Adventures So Far

Hi All, This is KP here! The events so far as narrated to me by Shree, (Still not able to access internet) so for all the news hungry folks, here goes.

The Journey from Tezu To Kibi-thu and back has been quite eventful. Shree was able to ride only for 8kms from Kibi-thu when the "dérailleur hanger" broke off leaving is drive chain in tatters. ( He has had to transport himself and bike back again to Tezu. He described the Lohit valley as a pretty place with snow capped mountains in the background.

Today morning, he has been able to remove the dérailleur and make himself a fixed gear bike. He rides 160 odd km to Tinsukia. He will cross the Bramhaputra at Alubari Ghat (look at last years blog for more info on this. We crossed this and went to paya last time. River bed with lots of stones roads and at least 2 ferry crossings) and then take the highway.

For those who wonder what next about the gears, It is being shipped to Gawhati, until then Assam will be on either a fixed gear or manual gear (a.k.a gear change by hand). We pray and cross our fingers that this goes event less for the bike and he has no further issues.


Bala Bellary said...


I don't know you personally, but, know you thru Shree's blogs ;-) I had added a comment yesterday, that it would be better if this blog is referred on Shree's homepage

Since, he has no internet connectivity, maybe, you can do something about it, so that people who had bookmarked know the latest news.


Gauthaman said...

Hello Shree,

I hope you are able to climbs in the valleys with a single speed. Deraileur going off on first day... was not a good news. But guess, what it has made your blog as thriller story... will the deraileur reach in time to are you going to make for the missed time... we hope inspite of all these hardships.. you are singing ... Bangalore illruthu banthanu Mr.Maaranu... and taking things on your stride. Best of luck.. I mean it... you need luck on your side.

Shree Kumar said...

@bala : Good luck for your ride too. I've added a link from my homepage.

@Gautham: Thanks for the wishes. I transported the bike to Tezu to get around this hurdle itself ;-) I had less faith in my chain mending skills, so this was a safe thing to do. After Tezu till Guwahati is all flat terrain. After that I goto Shillong, which should be a good climb. And yes I'm singing! Not learnt any assamese songs though. KP has ensured that deraileur and tools will reach in time.