Friday, December 21, 2007

Dec 21: Out of Meghalaya

I am writing this post sitting on a ferry boat. I am crossing the
mighty Brahmaputra river! It will take three hours on the ferry! (due
to less water in the river, the boat has to travel more. When the
river is full, it takes 2 hours, I am told)

I boarded this boat at this place called Phulbari, 60km from Rongram.
Phulbari is in Meghalaya, and across the river is Assam.

The ride since morning has seen me come from an altitude of 350m or so
to 30m in 60km. Winding road in the R.P Hills, goes up and down all
the time. Breathtaking views of bamboo woods covered in fog!

No success getting any insight into the Garo folk - they remain as
aloof as only they can be!

Meanwhile, I have found what I believe to be the reaon behind the
chain-break. How? The chain broke again! I had stopped at a village
for tea, and noticed that the deraileur had slipped a bit from the
centre of the wheel. The deraileur is fastened to the frame using the
quick release, since the other support mechanisms aren't working with
this frame. Sometimes, due to pressure, the deraileur slips a bit
resulting in chain slack, and immediate chain breakage. I will need to
keep an eye on this from now. Anyway, I fixed the chain and was back
riding in 10minutes - that's how much of a mechanic I have become!
This has filled me with a new sense of confidence. I am feeling like I
can fix any problem now! Quite a sense of freedom, I must say...

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