Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dec 23: Teesta, the base to Darjeeling(part 2 of 2)

The ride to Teesta turned out to be enjoyable. The view of the valley
and the mountain-side was blocked by teak trees in most places, except
where they revealed the breathtaking views of the greenish-blue Teesta
river. Many a time I sighed at the opportunity I had missed in the
Lohit valley. I felt a strange sense of calm; I felt a longing to
linger around. But daylight was in short supply and I hurried towards

The monkeys on the road (right from coronation bridge to about 18kms
or so) were turning out to be a nuisance. There were scores of
monkeys, old and young. They were sort of lining up like beggars
outside a temple - waiting, scheming to snatch some food. A few large
males even tried to try to latch onto my bags - but they didn't

I settled down at Chitray, one km after Teesta bridge. There is only
one place to stay there, a beautiful hotel run by DGHC(District Gorkha
Hill Council). They organize river rafting too(350 rupees). I had a
sumptuous dinner and just dozed off in my cozy room! Very helpful
staff as well. I highly recommend this place...

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