Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 3: Off to Sibasagar

Good morning! Today I'll be visiting the historic place in Asom,
Sibasagar. This place has a temple, a lake and some ruins of palaces,
all dating to the time of the Ahom dynasty. About 700-800 years old I
I started off at 6 and have currently done about 30km. Breakfast due
in 10kms more :-) The road till now has been nice and flat. Great
scenes of sunkissed tea estates on either side of the road have kept
me engaged. Small cycle problems too - needed to fill air in the back
tyre and disengage the back brakes.

I plan to end in Jorhat - still about 100 km away(total for today
140), so some night riding is expected. For those worried about my
security, there is no military presence after Tinsukia - so no cause
for worry!

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ollantaytambo said...

Your blog has a hardcore bikers perspective--relegated to describing the bike, road, lodging and such with the people,place and local culture being purely incidental.

Non-biking bloggers often are curious to know the last three most from an aliens original perspective.Hope you dont mind the rant;)

Madhu said...

Hi Shree,

Its great to know you r on a cross country ride.
We will be following this blog everyday :)

Take care,
Best Wishes