Saturday, December 8, 2007

I reached Tezu today evening

After two flights to reach Dibrugarh, a taxi ride to Tinsukia, and more than 4 hours in a Sumo, I reached Tezu today evening. Tezu is the headquarters of Lohit district of Arunachal.My cycle is still in the box, since I still have an 8 hour Sumo ride tomorrow till Walong. Walong is 35 kms from Kibi-thu, the eastern-most point of India. I'll start riding from Monday, hopefully! No GPRS here, so posting this through Raghava. Cant wait to start riding.


vindy said...

Hey Shree...
I followed your earlier blogs, and ppl like you and more from the bikes forum are inspirations for motorists like me :). I hardly say this to anyone
all the very best I would be following this blog of yours, you can do it!!!!

Gauthaman said...

Good Morning!
You are a tea lover, how many varieties of Assam Tea have you tasted? Hope you have caught the bus which leaves once in 3 days to Kibi-thu. :-). I hope by the time you would have kicked started the journey from Kibi-thu.
Go Cycling....

Bala Bellary said...
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Bala Bellary said...

Hello Shree,

Good luck and thanks for mentioning my little project. I've been checking regularly, but, couldn't see a link to your latest trip. Talk to u soon.


Shree Kumar said...

@vindy: Thanks!

@gauthaman: Hehe - just entered Assam today. They don't seem to brew exotic tea by the roadside. For that, I may have to goto Darjeeling ?
I figured that there are everyday Sumos to Kibi-thu. Anyway, you've probably read more already...
@bala : I have added a link to this site from my homepage. Thanks for reminding

ramya said...

Hi Shree,

how is cycling going on, hopefully as planned. I dont follow your blog regularly but i do peep in sometimes :-), it is very interesting.
hope you have a safe and a enjoyable cycle ride.
All the very best..