Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 19: Going towards Garo Hills

For a few days, this question has been in my brain: how to reach
Bengal. Two routes - first, go down from the hills and reach the
highway. Second - continue on to Garo hills in Meghalaya and then
cross the Brahmaputra. My yesterday's riding experience has tempted me
to continue in this route. I will be going to Tura in the Garo hills
over Rhong Zheng and Williamnagar. Today's target - Rhong Zheng, 100
odd km away. And I am just starting off after tea - very cold here!

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Gauthaman said...

Hello Shree,
Good going. I have a feeling that you have crossed 1000 kms. Just 3 more thousands to come. You have raised the bar for us. In TdC and m2s we were speaking of couple of hundreds to cover... now we are seeing you cover many thousands!

KP said...

may be you ought to change day 19 to dec 19.. :-)) its not that long yet!!