Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 29: Nalanda(part 2 of 2)

The ruins of the Nalanda University consist of many monasteries and
temples spread over a vast area(1 sq km or so). Most of them made of
brick, and dating to 6 AD or earlier. The monks of the time had
sizable rooms! None of the rooms has a preserved roof! One of the
temples is the showpiece(it's the same one you see in
textbooks).Unfortunately, nobody is allowed to take a close look.
Impressive stone carvings and other artefacts are preserved in the
museum close-by. Most of the stone idols are of the Buddha, of course.

Time to move on to Rajgir at 4:30 - I had spent about 2 hours seeings
the ruins. Reached Rajgir in more than ah hour, and settled down in
hotel Ratnagiri. This is the peak season, so am forced to shell out
400 rupees! I also gave a verbal bashing to the hotel manager. The
room he was giving me had a broken commode, so I asked him about it.
He said 'koi aap jaise customer ne tod diya hoga'. To this I couldn't
resist 'are ye bhi koi baat karne ka tareeka hai? Koi aap hee ke aadmi
ne toda hoga - vaise yahan to bahut chor hain'. Silence, both from
them and me closed the chapter. That, surely, was my frustration
coming out. After an umpressive dinner, time to sleep.

I am planning to take it easy tomorrow, I'll look around at Rajgir and
then end in Bodhgaya(85km or so away).

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