Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dec 23: Teesta, the base to Darjeeling(part 1 of 2)

Wake up a bit earlier than usual. I was hoping to ride to a place
close enough to Darjeeling, but not involving too much climbing.

The ride was through not-so-good roads, and I managed to bypass this
place called Malbazar coutesy a ride through a forest.

Ended up having a long argument with (a suspected) local politician at
a village. He asked me whether the govt sponsors me, and I asked him
'why will the govt do so?'. He started off a debate and somehow went
on tangentailly. So I was forced to say a hasty goodbye.

I reached Oodlabadi at noon after 70kms of riding. Out of the town,
the hills become visible suddenly. However, most of them are hidden in
the fog. I've been riding a slight incline and now the slope picks up
a little. The real hills are supposed to start at Sevoke, 15kms away.

I've been experiencing a slight chain slip since morning, and it
intensified - sure sign of impending chain break. I quickly get down
and find the bad link. It takes me 10mins to find two rocks and beat
the chain to shape.

In an hours time, I see a sloped bridge, and the lovely river teesta
flowing under it. The bridge is called the Coronation bridge. Click
click. One trailer has fallen into the chasm to the side of the road,
and three lorries struggling to pull it up! Road blocked, and even I
have to take my bags out of my bike to pass. Near the bridge, i just
eat whatever is available - who knows what I will get later!

Right turn after the bridge towards Gangtok/Kalimpong. Left turn goes
to Siliguri. There are several roads which lead to Darjeeling. One
from Siliguri that inches in a gentle slope towards Darjeeling over
Kurseong. Second from Rambhi(on the road I am taking) that climbs
uphill. But I will be taking the steepest climb to Darjeeling, and
that starts after Teesta Bazaar.

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