Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 4 : Dibrugarh – Jorhat Ride Story (part 4)

After this, time for lunch. Frankly, I'm bored of lunch in the
north-east. Arunachal and Assam have unfailingly served me the same
fare : rice with aloo subji, cauliflower subji, and dal. No variety
in meals!

Post lunch(2:30) I started the final part of my ride to Jorhat, still
48 km away. One elderly man was carrying three pots of curds on his
bike. I asked him what that was for – was he running a shop, or
selling it elsewhere? No, he said, it is for 'shraddha'. I query him
more, what will they make from the curds. With pumpkin, they seem to
make the same 'Majjige-huli' (that's in kannada. Sorry, no translation
to english here).

As expected, I ended up doing about two and a half hours of night
riding – with headlights and tail-lights. Reached Jorhat just past 7.
Ended up getting a room in Hotel Kamal. Weird hotel owner! When I
asked him for a room, he said he didn't have any. When the shopkeeper
downstairs recommended me saying I am a cyclist, he made me share a
double room with another person (he probably thought I am not paying
money). Later he shifted me to a double room on the mention of
payment - what a change in 5 odd minutes! Anyway, this is the best
room till now on this tour, with hot water(yay, bathing after 4
days!). I washed some clothes too. This room has a rope right in the
middle of the room and a fan right under it, so drying clothes is not
a problem.

total distance today : 150km. Total:354km.

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Gauthaman said...

hehe... If we read the blog of the hotel owner, we will get another prespective... something like... today I met a cyclist... a crazy guy who is cycling for Arunachal to

Prasad said...

Hi Shree,

Very nice experience man.....following ur blog...all the best to u and have a nice time.