Thursday, December 13, 2007

Comments on comments

It's hard to access the blogger interface from a mobile to reply to
comments. So I'm posting them here!

@ollantaytambo: You've raised an good point. Let me try to explain my
style a bit. With the amount of cycling I do everyday, atleast 8 hours
are spent riding alone! In the north-east, at this time of the year, a
day is only 11 hours long. Take out two hours for breakfast, lunch and
tea breaks and I am hardly left with time to talk ;-) There are other
apsects to the cultural equation as well - culture is continuously
changing entity and you really need some time to catch subtle changes.
Coupled with this is the fact that people I meet are likely to ask me
FAQ style questions. Also I have visited Assam earlier and written
about it too. All this doesn't mean that I don't notice the
differences - just wait till I get to Bihar and MP. I probably note
only the significant differences only. Lastly, there is my personal
writing style to consider. I'm used to telling stories with pictures.
Conversely, i'm probably not good at narrating without pics. I have
missed mentioning many things my camera has clearly captured. Maybe my
final album at the end of the trip will reveal something which my
writing wont! I'm tempted to believe my next post would be to your

@bala: true. In any case I hope the gear issue will be fixed in
Guwahati. I am actually waiting to tackle the real problems :-). They
tend to be physical and at times mental...

@gautham: Raghav is looking at the maps part. Pictures will be
uploaded "soon" ;-)

@madhu and everone else: thanks for the wishes !

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