Thursday, December 27, 2007

Long ride expected today

To compensate for my 'sin' of riding only 90km yesterday, I intend to
ride a whole lot more today: a 170km, to be more specific :-)

Countering the fog outside is going to be difficult, and I am starting
now at 6:00! Aiming to reach Bihar Sharif by evening(hehe before
night).I won't reach, in all probability. But what's the harm in
trying anyway :-) This place is within striking distance of Nalanda,
Rajgir, and Gaya.

Gautaham, I read your ride blog. I'd completely agree with your
statement about losing out on details in a post-ride blog. Case in
point: I had a fall coming down from Darjeeling. It was all downhill,
but I was cautious. Some places the road was wet, and several places
the track of the 'toy-train' criss-crossed the road. In one such
curve, I bent my bike slightly and bang! Both me and my bike were
down. Extremely lucky I was - nothing happened to me, or my bike. Not
a scratch, not a tear - just some mud!

Update: I'm now at Khagaria(10:50) - about 50 odd km down the road.
Feeling & riding much better than yesterday.Considerable head wind and
bad roads...

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