Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dec 20: Onward to Tura

Had a good night's sleep. Now ready to continue on Garo Hills. Target
for today - Tura, 107km away.

I've already noticed that the Garo language is markedly different from
khasi. Let's see what the day brings...

Christmas celebrations have already started here, with decorations by
the roadside being errected. I gave a small donation to some roadside
kids who stopped me.

If you are asking why I slept in the church yesterday, here's the
answer. There is only an IB here, but no hotel. The IB caretaker was
missing. So, on the CDPO's advice, I went to the church!

I am glad I came down from the hills - the cold here is much more
bearable. But I'll be climbing again - Tura is 1400m or so I think...

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Gauthaman said...

1400m climb slated for the day and you are gonna cover 107 km. The locals of Meghalaya, Garo and Khasi are going to chase you down (in fact, up) and crown as the King of their mountains.

Gauthaman said...

Happy Birthday Shree! Grab the wishes from the cycling tribe.
God bless you with a delicious your kind of veggie food at Tura.

Harsha said...

Happy Birthday Shree.
I guess its the 5th consecutive birthday that you are on bike.

Prasad said...

Many Many Happy returns of the day shree, have a nice ride, get good pics, n have a wonderfull day

Ramesh Naidu V said...

Hi Shree,

You are doing very well despite small hick-ups here and there.

Good luck and keep up the pace. Enjoy your trip. Update photos if possible.

I read your last year's trip post-facto (after the trip). Now I am following this one on regular basis.

And Belated Birth Day wishes :). Referring to Harsha's comments, nice way to celebrate your birthday.

Raghava Kotekar said...

Hi Shree,

Belated B'day wishes. I am trying out to automate the updating google map Marker positions.

I have tried to mashup Twitter + Google map, it allows to update the location by sending an SMS, it reflects a new postion marker on the map in your blog.

Becoz, i may in vacation till next year, i don't want it affect on the map update on the blog.

I'll let know the other details by end of the day.