Friday, December 21, 2007

Dec 20: Garo Hills(part 2)

So stayed in the IB at Rongram! Again, the IB room didn't have much on
the bed, so the sleeping bag became useful again. The IB caretaker was
drunk, so had quite a bit of trouble. He insisted that I get a letter
from the police station! The inspector sent along one constable, who
tried to convince the caretaker otherwise, without success. So me and
the caretaker went to the police station. Obviously the inspector was
displeased - he saw this as disobedience of authority. I had to calm
him down a bit, else the drunk caretaker would surely have got a
beating! Later the caretaker went home, leaving the chowkidar in
charge. This chowkidar wasn't giving me the room key - he unlocked the
room, but insisted on keeping the key. Later, he got drunk too & I had
more problems. Finally, I somehow went off for dinner and slept,
before he had a chance to create more problems...

I didn't get anything to celebrate my birthday. Thanks for everbody
for the wishes.

At the end of day, I have covered approximately 1030km in 12 days -
1/3rd of the trip. So what's next? Looking at the map and making some
optimistic estimates, I am making my way to Darjeeling! I hope I'll
have enough time to reach the ends of Gujarat, but who knows? Time
will tell...

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1 comment:

Gauthaman said...

Hi Shree,

The best way to tackle drunkards is to down a few pecks for yourself and get along. ha ha.. just joking. Yourself walking to the police station, reminds me about the parade we had at the Bhagamandala police station during our TdC. 1/3rd covered in 12 days. It seems you are on dart. Great going... Keep moving.. Keep moving.. Keep