Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 3: Crossover to Asom (part 2)

The last leg now remained to Dibrugarh. Only 10km more! After reaching
Dibrugarh I went to a slow cyber cafe. Posted alink to my blog site
from my homepage, answered comments, and exited. Went to the
Sanjeevini hospital run by Mr P C Gogoi. I had met Mr Gogoi in the
Dibrugarh flight and he had invited me home. After a cup of tea, I
waited at the hospital for more than 90 minutes. Mr Gogoi seemed like
a busy man - afterall he has a hospital to run. So I excused myself
and went to a lodge (helped by his driver).

After that - khana, likhna and sona. Total distance covered today - 120km.

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