Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hello from Bihar

Just finished lunch at Kishanganj - 101kms away from Siliguri. This
place is right on the border of West Bengal and Bihar - but officially
belongs to Bihar. So I'm in Bihar now!

Nothing interesting happened today. Been riding on a 4 lane highway
for the last 30km or so - and that's boring. The fragrance of the
mustard flowers reaches till the road. The last of the tea estates was
near Islampur(WB).

For today, I still have 60kms to go; I plan to stop at Purnea. Let's
see what Bihar has to offer!

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KP said...

Hey Shree,
So you are out of north east. Many wishes, News from my side, back from singapore, Have fixed all the parts on the bike, got a new crank set deore lx paid more than I wanted but looks good and comes with its own bottom bracket. All the components are in, the gears need to be adjusted and the test ride is still pending. The new chain seems to fit pretty snug(I bought a slightly more expensive chain this time and not shimano, its the same brand thats on my giant). Whole day spent on it. My cellphone has concked out , it got wet and is no longer functional. so have to buy a new one now (this will be a 3k one)... will call some time. Take Care