Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Bike

This page describes the bike that I will be riding during this tour, henceforth referred to as “Wonder” (original suggestion by Abhi of Bikeszone). It’s Indian name is “Deshapremi” (suggestion by KP) :-)

Caution : Page written for bicycle junkies.

Wonder is a mix of components from a whole lot of bikes - as you may see in this picture.

The frame is from my faithful old bike: the Hero Thunder MTB. The front suspension fork, disk brakes, front wheel and handlebar all are from my long dead Firefox Viper. Using the Viper’s suspension fork with the Thunder’s frame would have resulted in a low handlebar position - so a Kalloy angle adjustable stem with quill (AL808) is used. Note the resulting relaxed riding position, it’s perfect for leisurely touring ! The stock shifters have made way for Shimano LX Fire Shifters.

The rear wheel is built around a Shimano Deore FH M-530 S Hub (V-Brake type), with quick release. The rear rim is the double walled rim from the Hercules WOW. A 9 speed casette Deore (11T-32T), along with Deore deraileur is thrown in for good measure. Mounting the deraileur on the frame turned out to be a difficult problem. It is currently solved by using a piece from the Viper’s frame and mounting the deraileur on it. Even with this jugglery, it turned out to be difficult to cleanly adjust the deraileur. So we deraileur assembly is held in place by the quick release itself. As a result, the quick release is no longer “quick”. The 9 speed casette (CS M580) needs the thinner 9 speed chain (HG 93). The rear brakes are V-Brakes, Tektro from the Trek 3700.

The front deraileur is the stock one from the Thunder. The bottom bracket is BBES 30 square tapered, very smooth and maintenance free to boot! Deore chainrings and crankset, alongwith pedals (courtesy Hercules WOW).

We just like the resulting bike. It’s smooth and handles very well. The brakes work well - front Disk, back V seems to be a good compromise for all riding conditions. There is a slight shake in the handlebar area, but we reckon that’s OK.

Credits :
1. KP suggested, and procured all the fancy components. He was graceful enough to share some of the components he had purchased for personal use with me! They do cost a bomb - more than 12k rupees at last count. Imported from US, Belgium and Singapore :-)
2. My cycle mechanic, Lalu from Raja Cycle Mart, did most of the fitting. But I’m quite comfortable with most of the setup now!


KP said...

Hello, for those awaiting the latest updated.. Shree has been able to get his ILP(inner line permit) for arunachal, The panniers are set and he has checked in his cycle and his bags and as I type going through the airport security.

Bon Voyage Shree

SreeHarsha H S said...

Picked up the ILP from DTDC Domalur and Handed it over to Shree in Airport.

Flight is delayed by 30 minutes.

Shree was all smiles and looking all set for the adventure wearing his trademark "YELLOW" T-Shirt :)


Gauthaman said...

Hi Shree,

Can't imagine that a person in blood and flesh is going to cycle all the way measuring the breadth of India. If you reach Gujarat with a Cadence of 70 with a 7 hour ride every day, man it means your knees revolved a million times.

Go Cycling. - Gautham