Monday, December 24, 2007

Dec 22: Hi & Bye Asom, Onward to West Bengal

The ferry ride across the Brahmaputra took somewhat less than 3 hours,
covering 25kms, and ended at 4 PM. So the major part of the day was
already over. The ferry stopped at Dhubri, a large town. So I decided
to stay there.

Settled in the Rainbow lodge, which I feel had all facilities at a
relatively low price. I washed my clothes, and turned on the fan to
dry them. But there was no place to hang the clothes properly so that
they dry by morning. So a quick visit to the bazaar to get some rope.
Problem solved, clothes ready next morning!

There were quite a few onlookers when I was applying lubricant to the
chain, and I was patiently answering there questions. Now, how I wish
I carried around some pamphlets and distribute them whenever people
ask the same questions.

Today morning started off little late. My next target is Darjeeling,
which I can't reach today.

It was misty all morning - with the fog being so dense at times that
visibility dropped to less than 10 meters. I turned on my tail
lights. It wasn't until 10 AM that the sun succeeding in piercing the
veil of the fog.

Just after Boxirhat, West Bengal starts. So in 50kms, I was out of Asom.

I rode 142 km on the Dhubri-Cooch Behar-Falakata-Dhupguri route, and
ended the day at Dhupguri. Not much else to talk about the ride
itself, other than one incident.

'When I became a non-vegetarian': I had stopped for lunch at a
village, and was very hungry. The local hotel had only rotis, and
'pyaaz ki' subji. After 8 rotis, i found a meat piece - chicken
actually! I asked the hotel owner why he gave this, and he asked me
'meat nahi khaate kya?'.

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