Thursday, December 6, 2007



I’m Shree Kumar. To my friends, I’m just Shree. I’m a software engineer by profession, but an engineer by disposition.

This sub-blog is all about my current “project” - a bicycle ride across my country, India. Links to my previous rides are on my homepage.

If you have any questions/comments about this ride, do feel free to post a comment in the appropriate place - and hopefully I will respond fast enough.

For queries unrelated to this trip, your best bet is either to send email to [shree dot shree at gmail dot com]. In case you wish to speak to me, then your best bet is +91 94498 35848.


– Shree


niraj said...

While I have followed your previous rides (at least since 2006), I still can't help but be amazed (and to an extent awed) by your latest "project."

All the very very best, and wish you a safe ride all the way.


Ps. Incidentally, you have passed by my home town - Jorhat. :) Wish I had known about your ride earlier, could have arranged your visit to the tea gardens. :)

Footloose Vagabond said...

Hi Shree
Good to know you adventure.......I did not log into Bikes zones for a almost 2 did not know about your expedition....since I dont pedal anymore other than mountain biking offroad....I saw your msg posted sometime in January about getting to know the routes and stuff....I am sorry about it I did not check the forum.....Hope you had a good ride across Assam.....Hope the roads have improved compared to 2003....I had done the 76 day ,6500 kilometers complete northeast with plethora of incidents like bike breaking down,getting robbed at gunpoint....getting assaulted ....and also broke ligament with a heavy crash in arunachal.....I am writing a book on that.....but not able to finish the final draft and it has already seen 3 drafts which I did not like after sometime....and now hard to get time to write...since I am busy planning out my solo Round the world tour on a motorcycle.......if I had known about your trip earlier....I could give some good contacts in Assam and arunachal and also others parts like shillong,Dimapur,Kohima etc...

Good to know you are carrying less weight than I carried.....I was carrying a complete set of spares including a tyre....and also I did not stay in lodges....since mine was a cash strapped tour.....did the whole thing well under 4000 bucks and when I was difficult to get some decent panniers in had custom stiched it in the bylanes of shivaji nagar.....any way more will be seen in the book....which I plan to publish soon..

All the best for your ride....I am so happy for you....that there are people who still live their dreams....wish to catch up when you are back in bangalore.....let me know if you want any kind of help enroute.....Take care

Ride safe


Rohit said...

How much was your budget in this Arunachal Pradesh - Gujarat Trip ?