Friday, December 21, 2007

Other tours happening around you

Some of you probably wonder if I am the only crackpot going around
touring on a bicycle. Of course not!

There are other tours happening - much shorter, though!

Harsha, Manohar and one more person are doing a four day tour of
Kodagu district in Karnataka(area around the hill station of

Gautham, Gaurav and another, have probably started on their tour to
conquer the highest peak in Karnataka - Mullaingiri.

AND, Sandeep is starting tomorrow on the road from Mysore to
Kanyakumari. He hopes to visit Rameshwaram too! I have fond memories
of this route, since it was my first major tour!

My very best wishes to all these adventurers! They won't be blogging
like me, but please give them a big hand! And let's hear from them
after they are back :-)

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Anonymous said...

Caught up with all your blog entries. Hope the trip continues to be "cool" like this :-) Wishes for the upcoming parts of the trip !!

- KK

vEnkAtraMan said...

Happened to know of this only today... All da best dude .... i hope you make it.

Shree Kumar said...

@KK: Thanks for the wishes!

@Venkat: Thanks - some good advertisement for me :-)

SreeHarsha H S said...

Hey Shree,
Nice to get a mention of our trip in your blog.
The Coorg-team is back. We did around 350 in 4 days. 50 Less than what we expected.
Your advice helped us, as we didnt try to go to Bhagamandala.

Hey, Practically now I know how difficult is to pedal > 100 Kms a day for couple of days continously.
Just the thought of doing it 36 days gives me goose bumps now :)

Hats off to you Shree

Gauthaman said...

Hi Shree,

Our team is back. Boy Oh Boy! It was a fantastic trip. 5 days and 650 kms, the memories of this tour will be etched on our memory forever.Sometimes, I felt I should pedal all the way to Gujarat and surprise you. No leaves... They will fire me out of the job. ;-)
The ride story is up in my blog

Next time, I am gonna try live blogging. After the trip, some funny interactions with the local junta cannot be blogged and sometimes the true feelings of determination, pain, dullness, hunger,thirst, joy and fun get discolored by a post-tour blog.

Keep the pedals turning, we more thousands to go!