Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dec 18: Reached Rongstoin

Reached at about five thirty in the evening. That seems like a lot of
time to cover 95 odd kms. But with 33kms to go at 1:30, this is what
happens - super leisurely riding, umpteen tea breaks, photo stops!

All my attempts to get talking to these Khasi people have resulted in
nothing. The people here are markedly different than elsewhere.
Anywhere else, I always have a crowd around my parked bicycle. Not so
here. Nobody even seems interested in touching the gear shifters! Max
they will ask on their own are just a few questions.

One funny incident happened in the afternoon. I stopped at a village.
One kid was asking me something which didn't seem like 'where are you
going'. So i stopped and asked him 'kya hai'. The kid then said
something, and many kids who were around started giggling. Maybe they
were saying something about me. I sensed a photo-op, and took out my
camera. The kids started to run away. It wasn't until i had said bye
that they showed their faces.

for food - I am surviving on oranges, chowmein, and 'pulleng'-boiled
egg fried in a bit of oil.

I'd rate this ride the best in the trip so far.

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