Friday, December 28, 2007

Dec 28: The day I got robbed! (part 2 of 2)

And look at the unfortunate change in me. In minutes, my outlook
towards Bihar has changed much. Just after I crossed the bridge, I saw
one guy. Nobody else was around. I swerved away from him completely -
i had no intention of giving him any chance. Then I complained to a
well-to-do looking cyclist about the robbery. He listened to me so
sympathetically that I actually apologised to him in a minute; I
really shouldn't be blaming a whole state for the sins of a few now,
should I???

I am also re-evaluating my ride route w.r.t. my new-found ideas of
'safety'. Earlier, I was thinking of riding on the shortcut to Bihar
Sharif over a place called Bar Bigha. This road is supposed to be an
isolated stretch, and would have saved me 30kms of riding. Now I have
decided not to ride that route, and stick to the highway...

Now that I have relieved myself of a bit of pain by writing about it,
let me talk about the good things!

Quite by accident, I met another quirky traveller. I had stopped for
tea at noon, and got talking as usual. His unusual religious duty?
Walking long distances! How long, you are tempted to ask? How about
Lucknow to Guwahati, just to visit the Kamakhya Mandir? Or a short
walk to Vaishno Devi/Gangotri/Kathmandu? Yes, you guessed it - he's
done them all! And I happened to meet him whule he is on his second
walk to Guwahati. He walks and pushes a 'doodhwala' bicycle on his
onward journey, and rides back after his mission is accomplished! Meet
the farmer from Lucknow - Sarvesh Rajput.

Other than these, I've had an average day, covering approx 120km.

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