Friday, December 28, 2007

Dec 28: The day I got robbed! (part 1 of 2)

Bad new first (it's supposed to travel faster than good news anyway):

What many of you said is correct! With a few km to go to Mokameh, my
ending place for today, I got robbed of my fancy sunglasses. Here is
how: I had stopped to take a few snaps on the 1.8km bridge over the
Ganga,Gajendra setu,and one guy running to me and said 'photo
kheenchna mana hai' and a couple of other guys came as well.They
demanded I show them the reel. One elderly man who had joined by then
also shook his head and said the same thing. First I tried to wriggle
out of the situation - I said I hadn't taken any pics. That didn't cut
any ice with them. OK, I said, showed them the pics and deleted them.
Meanwhile, I realized something was wrong - the GPS receiver (I carry
it on the pocket at the back of my jersey) wasn't there. They hadn't
flicked it cleanly! It took me two seconds to ask them where it is! By
then, they were saying 'thana chalo'. So I accompanied them to their
bus. They asked me to sit down. Luckily, other people had gathered. I
told them that these people had taken my item. The folks supported me
- and the guy who had taken my GPS receiver was forced to give it
back. Meanwhile, my sunglass had fallen off(or was it taken and
returned also?), and I stuffed it in my pocket. And rode away in
haste, lest I land in more problems. Halfway through the bridge I
realized my sunglass was missing! I went back, hoping against hope, of
getting my glasses. No use - didn't see then anywhere! By then it had
dawned on me that I had been duped.

I shed a tear or two on the way to the hotel. Why? I had hoped, nay
dreamed, of returning out of Bihar without problems and then sort of
give that as an example to the others to say that Bihar isn't that bad
after all. Just 10 kms before I was robbed, i had got a call from
Bala(BTW, he is starting riding on Jan 6th), and we agreed that 90
percent of the people in Bihar were good, and it's the other 10
percent you wouldn't want to run into. Barely one hour later, this
incident happened. (contd below)

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Gauthaman said...

That was horrific. Reading the title, I thought they would have robbed all your electronic toys GPS, Mobile, Camera and Laptop and even your Jersey. But, at the end I was relieved that they only took away the beautiful riding glasses KP had gifted you. Just 2 more days, you would have been out of Bihar with a good impression. But the aam junta wanted to keep up their prestige of being rightly called the 'rogue state'. I hope you don't run into more of those 10% category.

KK said...

Hmmm....sad to hear such things happening...was hoping to hear "look how safe my trip was" funda from you after you are back.... but then relieved to hear that only the sun glasses were gone.

Take care dude...

deep3d said...


Buddy be carefull with selection of roads in Bihar.I am really sorry for the Glass :(.