Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 4 : Dibrugarh – Jorhat Ride Story (part 2)

One things I've observed here is the habit of eating sweets with Tea!
One shopkeeper told me that he has tea but no sweets. I replied, 'all
right, I am not a local'.

Other places I visited in Sibasagar were Rong Mahal (the royal
amphittheatre) and Talat Mahal (ruins of palace of an Ahom King).
Rong Mahal was easily the pick of these two. The walls of the Rong
Mahal are apparently made of a mix of brick powder, lime, mollases,
fish and rice. The ASI fellow there told me that this results in a
tighter mix which lasts longer than cement. The method of
construction is more expensive, though! Very true, the walls have seen
very less decay. If you touch the wall, you do get a trace of mud in
your hand. So the walls have been easy pickings for Indian tourists
who somehow delight in etching their names on all places of historical
importance :-( The Talatal Mahal is a sizeable multistorey building,
but much of it is in ruin.

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Gauthaman said...

rice and fish mixed with brickpowder and something else... is a substitute for concrete... did they apply for patent?
sounds funny, but the monument has stood the test of time. So should be proven formula. ;-)