Monday, December 17, 2007

Dec 15: Guwahati + Bike Repairs

Nothing interesting today - just riding till Guwahati, and toiling to
fix the deraileur.

I have to thank Mrs Phukan at this point (she is my former collegue
Alok's mother in law). KP had couriered my thunder's deraileur, among
other things to her house in Guwahati.

There was some amount of drama before I got the parcel. I started off
in the morning from Nagaon hoping to reach Guwahati in the afternoon.
I imagined this would give me enough time to fix the bike, and proceed
tomorrow. I had also assumed that the parcel has already reached. None
of these turned out to be true. I ended up reaching Guwahati after
sunset, picked up the parcel (which had been delivered by then), and
hurried to the bicycle shop.

The mechanic at the shop turned out to be fairly incompetent. Luckily,
I am something of a mechanic nowadays. With some help from him, basic
things worked. The shocker was him asking for 150 rupees. I had even
fixed the chain myself!

The nearby Lohit Guest house offered excellent room for 300 rupees,
and I settled there. Slept thinking of the climb next day to

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