Monday, December 17, 2007

Dec 14: Ride story - Jorhat to Nagaon

Looking at the map, one thing was clear to me - I needed to ride till
Nagaon. 180km or more - no small distance. Long boring ride it turned
out to be.

I passed Kaziranga national park well past noon, and had my first
puncture. Changed the tube(Vodka's idea). Over time, I have learnt
that fast long distance rides and national parks don't mix well. I
didn't enter Kaziranga.

By evening, I was in Jakhalbanda, with 50km more to ride. Then started
the fun - two local racers overtook me and looked back after some
time. Clear signs of racing. My legs were tired, but I was interested
to show the local guys a thing or two. I took the bait. Soon there was
a long sleady uphill climb. I was close on their heels soon. But
didn't have enough to overtake them. Soon they were tired too and we
proceeded together, chatted and reached Misa.

Some distance before the destination, got talking to a couple of
cyclists. The chat ended in me attending Ras Leela at a temple
close-by. Before that I went to Nagaon, somehow got room in one of
the lodges - they all seem to be booked otherwise. The programme was
all about showing Krishna's leelas. A young boy was the dancer,
dressed up as Krishna. No elaborate dresses for Krishna, but there was
a long line of Gopikas waiting outside. These were local Girls dressed
up for the occasion. Something close to a mridangam was the dominant
musical instrument, with cymbals being a bit subdued.There was one
person singing too. The whole setting resmbled a yakshagana
performance. There was good evidence of caste system as well. Inside
the temple only the brahmins were allowed, and the junta had to
satisfy themselves from the view from outside! The whole programme
aparently runs till midnight, but I left after half an hour - I really
needed some rest.

12:10 by the time I reached my lodge and slept. actual distance
ridden on the day - 198km!

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