Friday, January 4, 2008

Varanasi - some impressions (part 2 of 2)

I've checked out of the hotel by 8:45, so that I can reach the cycle
shop at 9. Turns out that all shops open at 10. Grr - why did this
mechanic tell me to come at 9? This local mechanic is not able to
remove my 9 speed casette from the hub(i've been carrying these in my
bag). So I buy a new 6 speed gear. It is 1:15 by the time this guy
finishes. All the assurance he displayed yesterday has vanished in a
puff of smoke :-(

With not much time left for end-of-day, I settle to stop at Gopiganj,
about 60km away. I don't feel like riding today at all, but need to
keep going anyway. It's 6:30 by the time I reached Hotel New Rajput, 2
kms after Gopiganj(it doesn't have a hotel). 75 bucks for the room.
Basic, but that's what I need to just sleep off the night...

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