Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan 7: In and around Khajuraho (part 1 of 3)

Yesterday night I had figured that I would leave this
village(Bariarpur) a bit late. Too many people were pressing me to
leave late, and I was in every mood to oblige. Besides, riding the
remaining 25km or so to Khajuraho and then spending the rest of the
day watching the temples made perfect sense. This would give my legs
some time to rest too before the last leg of the ride.

So things worked to plan. Almost. I was out of the village at 10:30. I
was escorted to the river by a couple of villagers - such was the
friendship that was developing between us. There is a mini dam across
the Ken river here. Two canals run out from here - one for water
supply to MP and the other for UP. Naturally, there is an outstanding
water dispute between the two states, and it seems to be making the
headlines in the morning papers.

The first dent in the execution of the plan was caused by a puncture.
More delay was caused by the bad roads, and the third dent was caused
by an unexpected detour to the Raneh Falls. There was no water
falling, as expected. The fantastic formations of the volcanic rocks
of varying hues more than made up for the lack of water. This is the
same place where the movie 'kamasutra' was shot. It's hard to describe
the rock formations, so wait for the pictures.

So it transpired that it was close to 3 by the time I reached
Khajuraho. I didn't waste any time checking into a hotel. I was soon
on the way to the Western Group of temples, the 'most important
temples', as described by a local!

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faiqg said...

You are in Madhya Pradesh! That info made me smile. That's my home state. It is rather odd for me now to say that as I dont feel the boundaries anymore. But time and again, i am made to realise this fact. Especially by the roads. Roads in MP are bad! Even the best of Volvo buses shatter their window panes. People are warm as well as cynical. I was born in Sagar which is not far from where you are, but it might not be on your plan. I lived in Bhopal as a kid and have some faint fond memories of the capital. Indore and Dewas are the places where I spent my school and college time. God! Nostalgia is hitting me hard and so in envy.

HIS love and my good wishes.

Ramesh Naidu V said...

Hi shree,

Nice Narration. But since 3 days, not seeing any updates. Are you fine? Hope you are doing great.

Please keep updated man. Eagerly waiting for it. :)