Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jan 5: To Chitrakoot and beyond

I was up fairly early. Since I was staying at a dhaba, the toilet was
all the land right across the road. The food that I eat everyday
doesn't seem to be suiting me very well, and I feel it every morning.

I'm off a bit late at 6:45. I was chatting with the dhaba folks, and
didn't realize the lighting conditions had changed drastically. I was
busy showing them the GPS receiver and the camera. Now that the night
was past, showing these didn't seem like a problem. The local
electrician had some gadgets himself, including a video player with
512 MB memory card. These guys may lag somewhat in terms of
technology, but there is no saying what could happen if the economics
work out right. Case in point: mobile phones.

Chitrakoot, my intended place of tourism, was more than 80km away. I
hoped to reach there by 1 PM. That meant faster riding than yesterday.
I kept up the pace and reached at about 1:15 or so.

Unheralded, the hills have slowly started. So have bad roads. I did
many slow inclines and descents today. More is in store, if my reading
of the maps is correct.

Chitrakoot itself is set among hills, but not completely surrounded by
them. Honestly, I didn't find anything interesting. Many temples, all
of them new(as in 'not ancient'). No ASI boards anywhere in sight. I
was expecting to see some historical evidence related to Rama, but
didn't see any. If you think I missed something, do let me know.

Stopped for the day at Attara, a sizeable bazaar on NH76. I had
intended to stop at a place called Narayni, but decided against it
once the locals told me that there is no place to stay there.

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