Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jan 8-12: The story till 12th! (part 3 of 8)

I manage to reach Rahatgadh in two-and-a-half hours, but it's close to
evening by then. Staying in a hotel/lodge in Rahatgadh seems to be one
option. But I'm more interested in a rural stop. That means I need to
continue on the road. Locals inform me that there is a jungle till a
distance of about 7 kms, and it's best to find a village after that to

Two travellers meet: After about 3km or so, I see this foreigner with
a hat pushing a trolley in the opposite direction. It doesn't take us
both more than a few seconds to recognize the traveller in each other
and start talking. This French-Canadian gentleman, Jean, has been
walking for 8 years around the world! He walks 'for the children'. And
no, you can't help his cause by contributing to any charity. His is a
philosophical cause! He started in 2000 and intends to stop in 2012,
after covering 70000kms across 70 countries. His trolley has what he
needs – his clothes, tent, some medicines and food. At 52 years of
age, he is a grandpa, going strong and has seen a fair part of the
world! Please read more about him at

The incident of our meeting also makes way for the opportunity for
rural stay. I want a photo with Jean, and try stopping a local
cyclist. He doesn't stop, and instead, rides on, looking afraid. It is
close to dark by this time. Next I try stopping a motorcyle. From
afar, the terrified cyclist is crying hoarse : 'rokna mat' (don't
stop). I'm both surprised and amused at this. Next attempt gives me
success, with a local cyclist obliging us. The local also invites us
to stay at his village. Smiling inside myself, I agree to this. Jean
continues on the way – he intended to stop in Rahatgadh.

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