Sunday, January 20, 2008

Total weight lost

Anywhere from 5.5 to 6kgs. When I started off on the tour, I tipped
the scales at 82.6 kgs or so. Now, I'm at 76.6kg.

Weight loss is generally a good measure of either how unfit I was at
the beginning of the tour or how strenuous the tour was. During my
first trip - South India in 2003, I lost 4kgs in 12 days, and that was
a raw measure of the strain due to the ride - 140km/day! I looked
emaciated at 72kgs at the end. Chennai to Kolkata, in 2004, saw me
lose nothing. I had been in top shape the whole year, and that showed.
Mangalore to Ahmedabad, 2005, I lost 5kgs again. I had started off at
an unhealthy 85 and ended at 80, courtesy 110km/day. The most relaxed
of my trips, North East in 2006/7, still made me loose 5kgs, again
from 85 to 80.

So does all this mean that this trip was the most difficult? Nope.
That title definitely goes to my first trip - 1752km in 12 days: All
the way from Mysore to Kanyakumari and then onto Chennai.

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Anonymous said...

Shree, congrats on this achievement.

I look forward to seeing the pics you took along the way.