Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back in Bangalore

Raghav reminded me that I hadn't updated my latest position :-)

I reached back yesterday. The Indian flight left Ahmedabad at 7:10,
and reached Bangalore at 10:45 or so. Of course, by the time I had
collected my bike and bags and pushed them out, my watch had moved on
to 11:15. I wanted to ride in style to office, so I quickly found a
convenient place to assemble my bike. First phone call - KP calls from
Singapore. I hadn't tightened the headset properly, and had lost one
tightening nut! The thread on the bolt that was keeping the seat post
in position was gone for a six too! So visited Raja Cycle Mart in an
auto, holding the bike! Guys there didn't realize I was coming
straight off the plane. The problems were fixed/worked around soon. A
puncture was fixed too, and I have no clue why that had happened. All
fixed by 2, and I started off towards office. Near MG Road, one more
puncture. Fixed near the ulsoor lake. 10 minutes of riding later, one
more puncture. This was it - I had had enough of this business. So
caught an auto to office, finally eaching at 4 to the gang of

My bike is still lying in the parking lot! I'll change the tube on monday.

Now, how does it feel to be back? I've clearly lost considerable
weight. How much I'm not sure. Major losses in the legs, waist down by
2 inches. Need to find a weighing machine before I start putting on
weight again :-) I'm also feeling somewhat weary at times. This is one
aspect that doesn't cease to amaze me every year: how is it that just
the next day after the end of a trip i feel so weary? The weariness
goes off in a few days. I've noticed that I am improving over the
years. All good reasons to be happy. Quite some time spent retelling
the stories to colleagues and friends! I've even cut a welcome cake,
courtesy Harsha, Priya and Manohar! Started distributing some goodies

Lastly, what about the pictures, you ask? Too many I've shot, and
choosing needs time. One of my uncles expired, so I am out of station
this weekend. Next weekend, hopefully!

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Venkatraman.S said...

Goodness Gracious... amazing dude...
i raise the toast... :)

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