Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan 7: In and around Khajuraho (part 3 of 3)

Khajuraho town is one place that is exceedingly tuned to the needs of
the foreign tourist. Restaurants advertise such things as 'italian
chef', 'european supervision', 'dutch supervisor', etc. I've had pasta
at Bella Italia(italian chef), and I'd be surprised even if the cook's
great great grandfather had anything to do with italy at all. South
indian edli and dossa (no spelling mistakes by me here!) are available
too! Bicycles are available for rent here too, both the doodhwala and
the unisex types. Also prominently visible are the internet cafes.
Some hotels have these in-house as well.

There is a light-and-sound show near the temples which I decide to
skip. Rest is more important :-)

The hotel Surya, where I am staying here, is very good.

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