Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jan 6: Moving towards Khajuraho

Intend to end today at Khajuraho - it's still 120km or so to go. I'll
be taking some deviations to watch a couple of large forts.

I was sleepy while writing yesterday's story(see below), so missed out
some important items.

First: food at Chitrakoot temple. The police guard at the main temple
in Chitrakoot was insistent that I take prasad after darshan - I was
receiving some good treatment for riding my bike all the way. I was
acting like a devotee to save myself some trouble (the people here
don't seem to take kindly to atheists), but landed in more trouble.
The 'prasad' turned out to be dry coconut copra and meals. A few dozen
devotees from the local villages were sitting around were eagerly
waiting for their meal. Rice, roti and daal. Can't help commenting
that the south indian temples probably serve much better food in much
hygenic conditions! The food reminded me of my 4 years spent in an
orphanage, where the food was much better too. And this is Chitrakoot,
where Rama spent 12 years! I somehow feel this place is not that
popular, but is being promoted...

Second: the language in Uttar pradesh(UP). It's a difficult-to-speak
dialect of hindi. I'm told it has no name. I can understand most of
the language, though. Many a time I have been in situations where the
other person knows only the local dialect, and we've understood each
other most of the time. In contrast, Bihar speaks bhojpuri, which is
fairly easy to imitate.

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