Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jan 8-12: The story till 12th! (part 5 of 8)

Getting up at 6 AM is not a problem at all – beacuse everybody else is
up before me. The source of water is the well. Fields are irrigated
using small electric pumps. Electricity supply is from 8 PM to 5 AM,
and anything else is a bonus. They've built a new toilet (at the cost
of 25 thousand rupees), but it's not operational yet! So, an early
morning visit to the fields for daily ablutions.

It's hard to be timely while leaving anything other than a lodge.
Taking snaps, and extended observation generally ends up taking more
time. Also contributing to the delay is the fact that you can't do
anything become the light of the sun takes over. Exchanging addresses,
saying no to breakfast also takes time.

I'm finally out of the village by 9. Getting back to the highway turns
out to be a matter of asking all people 'where is aeran?', where aeran
is the village on the highway. The highway is good for about 16km or
so. After that comes 35km of pure offroading pleasure, that takes all
the time till 3:30 to be done with. Next 20km of good road leads me to

I am not fast enough, and reach Vidisha only by 5:15 or so! Reach out
for my 'guide book', the Lonely Planet 'India' book, and find that
Udaigiri Caves are 5km away. Somehow, I wasn't particularly
interested in either the caves or the heliodorous pillar. So off to
Sanchi, 10kms away. It's too late to see the Stupa at Sanchi. So
reaching Sanchi means rest at Jaiswal Lodge,and sightseeing tomorrow.
A clean room for a good 110 bucks.

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