Sunday, January 13, 2008

Less than two days to go!

I'm writing this from Rajgadh in Madhya Pradesh, 282km away from
Ahmedabad. I have to reach ahmedabad tomorrow sometime in the
afternoon. That means a 180km ride today.

The road after this is supposed to be dangerous for a while. I'm at an
altitude of 500m or so. The road climbs down after this, a ghat. And
that's the danger area! No vehicles move after this place at night for
fear of the robbers, who do everthing from throwing stones to jumping
on top of moving vehicles!

I had been advised to start late in the morning, after vehicle
movement starts. I seem to have taken this advice rather seriously -
having slept all the way till 6:30. I hope to start by 9.

Meanwhile, I've written the story till day-before-yesterday, so you
have something to read for the moment!

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Anonymous said...

I am back to Bangalore , Let us meet some time up ..!! hope you recall me up ..!!
Have fun