Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jan 1: Still in Bihar amid chain woes

I'm writing this entry from Kudra in Bihar. Yes I'm still here, having
ridden only 72km today. This place is 93km shy of Varanasi, my
destination for tomorrow.

Nothing much happened after my 1 PM update. I just needed to keep
riding to reach Kudra. The highway is still being constructed as a
bypass to Sasaram and is bad in some places. Other than that, it's 4
lane all the way. I've done 72km today. I stopped riding at 5 PM with
another place called Mohania 22kk away. Must admit I was tempted to
ride till there, but why risk? Locals advice against riding in the

Got basic accomodation - reasonably clean room for 105 bucks. Spent
some time calling friends/relatives and wishing them. Surprisingly,
none of the SMSes I try to send are going out! Patchy GPRS too.

Spending time reading the lonely planet guide and studying the maps.
Looks like I have enough time from now to reach Ahmedabad. 13.5 days
from tomorrow ought to be enough to take some deviations from my
straight route and land in Ahmedabad on the afternoon of the 15th.
That should leave me with enough time to pack my cycle and bags, and
fly back to Bangalore on the 16th...

For tomorrow, the plan is : ride fast to Varanasi, get the bike fixed,
check bags into hotel, visit Sarnath(8km away) and come back to
Varanasi. Day-after-tomorrow morning I can do a bit of sightseeing
around Varanasi and then head towards Khajuraho. That's about as far
as I am willing to plan today, for, who knows how my bike will behave

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Avinash Sultanpur said...

Happy new year Shree!

I was in Varanasi during November. We stayed at Hotel Narindra (opposite to Cant). Very good food and affordable rooms. If you don't get rooms, you can still go to the restaurant. Try the stuffed (or Essstuffed!) paratha with dahi. Another thing to try is the lemon tea at the ghats. And don't pay more than a hundred for a boat ride!

We also went to Khajuraho from there (14 hour bus ride!). We stayed at Yogi Lodge (phone: (07686)-274 158, 244 158 ). Cheap rooms (Rs. 250) and right in from of the Western temples. You will find many restaurants, some very good ones.

Western group of temples is the main attraction. You can cover the rest in about 2 hours.

Avinash Sultanpur said...

After reading the Bodhgaya story, I think you should skip Sarnath. You will find that the story repeats. All you'll see is the temples from all the Buddhist countries around the huge stupa. You may go to BHU (Banaras Hindu Univerity) or Ramnagar instead or just spend all the time at the ghats!