Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New year wishes & more bike woes...

Happy new year everybody! May you have an excellent 2008.

I was able to get my chain fixed a short while ago, courtesy a local
mechanic. I must admit I'm not completely comfortable with the
solution, but it seems to work. More important is how long it lasts

Obviously I can't reach Varanasi, since it is 160km away. Will settle
for anything in the range of a 100. Bags packed. Starting off in 10

Update@1PM: I've had more chain problems. I got the chain changed at
Aurangabad, but it came off after 25km of riding. I think the local
chains need perfect alignment; they do not take kindly to gearing
arrangements. So I got the chain shifted again to the front chainring.
That makes me a slow cyclist again, but hey, atleast I can move ahead

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Gaurav Biware said...

A very happy new year to you Shree.

Great to hear about trip.
Must be a superb adventure to go n see all these places.

Have a safe journey

KK said...

Wish you a very Happy New Year !!

For short term - wish your chain woes get fixed. Long term - wish this year brings a lot of happiness for you.

>> In Bodhgaya, other countries where
>> buddhism is practised have built
>> their style of temples. I've had a
>> look at the burmese and the thai,

The thai temples and palace are really beautiful. I have some snaps from my recent visit...waiting for you.